Achieve 100% Reads

"If a live tag was in the carton, the ThingMagic Mercury RFID readers caught it and achieved 100 percent read rates, with no misreading of any of the 13,500 RFID tags. In fact, we had some cartons with over 100 items, which we thought might result in RFID read errors due to high density and shielding of tags, but these, too, were read at 100 percent"

-- Frank Cornelius, New Balance

Intelligent & Automated Construction Job Site Solutions: RFID, Cloud Computing and BIM in vertical building construction

Construction companies face a unique set of asset management and operational challenges. Acquiring material quickly, managing on-site labor, operating fleets of vehicles, and ensuring that expensive assets are secure and being utilized to their full potential are daily activities on a job site. Further, the ever-changing environment of construction sites introduces issues like theft, misplacement, and unauthorized use of equipment.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a proven technology for tracking valuable assets and addressing operational challenges - representing a new way for the construction industry to do business. RFID plays a pivotal role in improving accuracy and productivity in all phases of the construction process including Planning, Building, Maintenance and Operating.

ThingMagic has had the opportunity to design, build and run an RFID–based personnel management system on a large construction project in California. Only three months after going-live, the general contractor is blown away by the system benefits and the richness of the collected data.

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