Suppliers in every industry struggle with how to properly manage inventory, typically using a mix of science and experience to determine how many products need to be stored at a location prior to delivery to the end customer.  Excess inventory of each product has a negative financial impact on the supplier while a “stock out” results in loss of sale and a negative end customer impact.  The best scenario comes from having the right product, in the right place, at the right time.  But in order to achieve that sweet spot of the perfect amount of inventory, suppliers must have true visibility into the amount of product at the final storage location.  Current methods of tracking inventory include manually counting what is on the shelf or using the end user’s POS system to calculate stock levels.  Methods like these are often labor intensive, inaccurate and costly.  

Seeonic has worked with ThingMagic and other partners to develop a system that offers an automated and properly engineered solution that delivers accurate and useful data to suppliers much more quickly than manually calculated inventory.  Seeonic's solution includes a hardware device, called SightWare, and a cloud-based management platform called Seeniq.  This solution has been put into production at Interstate Batteries, which now has true visibility into its automative battery inventory.  Interstate Batteries has implemented Seeonic's solution onto 29 of its trucks, with over 2,000 installations up and running.  Since February 2014, the system has been producing a 99.8% data accuracy rate.

Interstate Batteries won the "Best RFID Implementation Award" at RFID Journal Live! 2015.

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