Lexmark RFID UHF Option

Lexmark RFID Enables Laser Printer Using ThingMagic’s M5e Embedded RFID Reader

Lexmark International, Inc. recently announced the Lexmark RFID UHF Option, which is designed as an add-on for Lexmark T640, T642 or T644 monochrome laser printers. The option contains an embedded RFID reader and antenna that programs and verifies RFID media and provides an easy and affordable way for customers to add RFID capabilities to their existing printing infrastructure.

The Lexmark RFID option is equipped with an embedded ThingMagic M5e UHF RFID reader integrated into the printer drawer assembly, enabling customers to use their existing T64x laser printers to encode the RFID tags embedded in labels, documents, cards and stickers.

Laser printers offer a cost-effective alternative to thermal printers for RFID solutions because they can print on a wide variety of media and can help speed up distribution processes and increase productivity. For example, using the Lexmark RFID UHF option and Lexmark's Forms Composer software, customers can print a packing slip, shipping label and program an RFID tag all at once on a single 8.5-inch by 14-inch document. By consolidating multiple devices into one printer, customers can reduce costs and minimize errors and processing time.

Lexmark’s RFID enabled laser printers can also be used to encode RFID tags embedded into standard paper. For document intensive applications such as court and legal proceedings, searching for and locating documents and files can be difficult and time consuming. In addition to efficient form and file tracking, RFID can also improve information security. Important documents such as earnings releases, merger and acquisition memos, health records and legal documents can be linked to specific people or locations, and un-authorized document movement can be identified.

For more information on Lexmark’s RFID enable laser printers, visit www.lexmark.com/rfid.


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