Offered as a web hosted business intelligence application, the Lygase SmartEvents™ system is designed to improve the business efficiencies of venue owners, event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees by automating lead capture, improving targeted marketing, and providing attendees with timely and valuable information about their event experience.

Powered by ThingMagic Astra® UHF RFID readers housed in Jamison Gnome™ portals, the SmartEvents™ system was launched at the eighth annual RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition where it was deployed throughout dozens of presentation rooms and open areas of the Orange County Convention Center.

Selected for RFID tag read accuracy in diverse operating conditions, ease of deployment, and ease of enterprise application integration, ThingMagic Astra® readers are integrated into SmartEvents portals to collect and feed data from RFID tagged attendee badges to the SmartEvents™ system, allowing for live and postevent features and benefits of the solution.

"Lygase SmartEvents is a premier example of how RFID can be used to automate a number of process typically executed in a manual fashion, and it is wonderful to see the technology being used to automate marketing, and improve the vendor and attendee experience” said Yael Maguire, CTO ThingMagic. “Beyond the time and cost savings achieved through process automation, this solution highlights how RFID can deliver actionable data in unique and meaningful ways to a broad set of users."

For more information view our press release ThingMagic, Jamison and Lygase Partner to Launch RFID Enabled Event Management Platform.


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