Want to see ThingMagic's UHF RFID readers in action?  Watch our videos to learn more.


RFID-Enabled Refrigerator

Don't you hate it when someone takes the last soda from the fridge and doesn't let anyone know?  ThingMagic demonstrates how a refrigerator can be enabled with RFID to inventory contents and send replenishment notifications. 




ThingMagic Micro

Learn about ThingMagic Micro, an embedded UHF RFID module and see how its small size and powerful performance drives increased efficiency, reduces development costs and speeds the time-to-market for RFID applications.




Mercury6 (M6) RFID Reader  

The ThingMagic M6 is an enterprise-class, 4-port, EPCglobal Gen2 multiprotocol RFID reader.  The M6 supports EPCglobal Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) and offers a common programming interface available with ThingMagic's entire portfolio of readers - making solution development easier than ever before.



RFID Tag Placement

Just because you see a tag doesn't mean your RFID equipment will see it.  But what if you can't see a tag, does that mean your RFID equipment won't read it.