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The Mercury xPRESS Platform hardware and software files are password protected. If you are a direct ThingMagic Customer or a Digikey customer who has purchased this product within the last year, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you purchased this product from a ThingMagic Reseller or through other indirect channels please contact the reseller.


MercuryAPI SDK

 C   Java   Dot Net

Document Description Release Date Size
Mercury API v1.27.3 Programmers Guide Programmers Guide for v.1.27.3 of the MercuryAPI. March 2016 600 kB
Autonomous Configuration Tool v1.2 User Guide User Guide for the Autonomous Configuration Tool. A utility to enable autonomous operation on M6e, Micro, and Nano modules. March 2016 403 kB
MercuryAPI v1.27.3 Release Notes Release notes for v.1.27.3 of the MercuryAPI. March 2016 145 kB


Software Description Release Date Size
Mercury API SDK v1.27.3 Cross-product software development kit. Supports application development in C, .NET and Java for all ThingMagic products. Feb 2016 81 MB
Autonomous Configuration Tool SDK v1.2 from API 1.27.3 Software package containing the Autonomous Configuration Tool and sample code for handling streaming tag data. Please read the Autonomous Configuration Tool User Guide before using. Feb 2016 12.6 MB


Universal Reader Assistant Utility


Document Description Release Date Size

Universal Reader Assistant 2.8 User Guide

User Guide for v.2.8 of the Universal Reader Assistant. March 2016 1.1 MB


Software Description Release Date Size
Universal Reader Assistant 2.8.16 from API 1.27.3
32-bit Installer
Cross-product demo tool. Built using the MercuryAPI. Source code is included in the MercuryAPI SDK. For 32-bit Windows. Feb 2016 2.5 MB
Universal Reader Assistant 2.8.16 from API 1.27.3
64-bit Installer
Cross-product demo tool. Built using the MercuryAPI. Source code is included in the MercuryAPI SDK. For 64-bit Windows Feb 2016 2.8 MB



Mercury xPRESS Development Platform

 xPress Platform 

DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
Mercury xPRESS Platform v1.7 Guide User Guide for xPRESS Platform v1.7 June 2015 11 MB
xPRESS Platform v1.7.1 Release Notes Release Notes for v1.7 of the xPRESS Platform Sept 2014 137 kB


Hardware & Software FilesDescriptionRelease DateSize

Mercury xPRESS Platform SDK v1.7.1 

xPRESS software development kit including hardware drivers, sample application firmware projects and binaries. Requires password to download. Sept 2014 70 MB
Mercury xPRESS Platform HW Distribution xPRESS hardware package containing schematics, layout files, gerber files, BOM, etc. for xPRESS development board. Requires password to download. Dec 2013 1.5 MB



ThingMagic Nano Module


 Document Description Release Date Size
ThingMagic Nano Design Guide ThingMagic Nano hardware, devkit and integration guide April 2016 6.5 MB
Addendum to ThingMagic Nano Design Guide Critical considerations when integrating the Nano module into a design. July 2016 453 kB
ThingMagic Nano Firmware Release Notes v1.5.0 Release notes for v.1.5.0 of the ThingMagic Nano firmware Nov 2015 286 kB
ThingMagic Nano Carrier PCB Design Files ThingMagic Nano example PCB design files: schematic, BOM, Fab spec, GERBER, etc. June 2015 1 MB


 Software Description Release Date Size
ThingMagic Nano Firmware v1.5.0 Current firmware release for the ThingMagic Nano modules Nov 2015 94 kB



Micro and Micro-LTE Modules


 Document Description Release Date Size
Micro Hardware Guide Micro hardware, devkit and integration guide Mar 2016 5.9 MB
Micro Firmware Release Notes v1.7.3 Release notes for v.1.7.3 of the Micro firmware Feb 2016 91 kB
ThingMagic Micro Carrier PCB Design Files ThingMagic Micro example Solder-down PCB design files: schematic, BOM, Fab spec, GERBER, etc. March 2016 494 kB


 Software Description Release Date Size
Micro Firmware v1.7.3 Current firmware release for the Micro and Micro LTE modules and the USBPro reader.  Feb 2016 180 kB
Micro USB Driver Signed Micro Native USB Driver for Windows March 2016 6 kB



Mercury6e Modules


DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
M6e Module Family Hardware Guide Mercury6e hardware, devkit and integration guide. March 2016 3.3 MB
M6e Firmware Release Notes v1.19.0 Release notes for v.1.19 of the M6e firmware. March 2016 92 kB


SoftwareDescriptionRelease DateSize
M6e Firmware v1.19 Current firmware release for M6e modules Jan 2016 178 kB
M6e USB Driver Signed M6e Native USB Driver for Windows March 2016 6 kB



Mercury5e & 5e-Compact Modules

 M5e   M5e-C 

DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
M5e-Family Developers Guide M5e-Family hardware and low level serial protocol developer’s guide. Jan 2012 1.6 MB
Mercury5e Family Release Notes v1.7.2 Release notes for v.1.7.2 of the M5e firmware. Nov 2014 218 kB
M5e Accessory Hardware Guide User Guide for M5e power/interface and multiplexer accessory boards. Oct 2009 1.4 MB


SoftwareDescriptionRelease DateSize
M5e-Family Firmware v1.7.2 Current firmware release for M5e family modules and USB Plus+ and Vega Readers. Nov 2014 100 kB
Arbser Utility and Source Code M5e serial protocol command line tool and its source code. May 2009 59 kB



Sargas Reader


DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
Sargas User Guide Sargas hardware installation and user guide, Rev E. July 2016 675 kB
Sargas Getting Started Guide Sargas getting started guide (included with reader). July 2016 328 kB
Sargas Release Notes v5.1.2 Release notes for version 5.1.2 Sargas firmware. Includes upgrade instructions and summary of differences between Sargas and M6 reader operation. July 2016 246 kB


SoftwareDescriptionRelease DateSize
Sargas Firmware v5.1.2 Current firmware release for Sargas finished readers. July 2016 18 MB



Mercury6 and Astra-EX Readers

 Mercury 6   Astra-EX 

DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
M6 and Astra-EX User Guide Mercury6 and Astra-EX hardware installation and user guide. Nov 2013 1 MB
M6 and Astra-EX Release Notes v4.19.3 Release notes for v.4.19.3 of the M6 and Astra-EX firmware. Mar 2015 92 kB


SoftwareDescriptionRelease DateSize
M6 and Astra-EX Firmware v4.19.3 Current firmware release for M6 and Astra-EX finished readers. Mar 2015 12 MB
M6 OnReader Cross-Compiler Cross compiler toolchain required to build MercuryAPI C applications for on-reader operation. Nov 2011 57 MB



USBPro and USB Plus+ and Vega Readers

 USB-Pro  &nbspUSB-Plus   Vega

DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
USB Pro Reader Guide USB Pro Reader installation and user guide. Uses Micro firmware and Micro USB Driver. Feb 2016 1.6 MB
USB Plus+ Reader Guide USB Plus+ Reader installation and user guide. Uses M5e firmware and USB Driver from FTDI. July 2013 822 kB
Vega User Guide Vega Reader installation and user guide. Uses M5e firmware. Jan 2012 316 kB



Nomad RFID Reader Accessory

 Nomad Accy 

DocumentDescriptionRelease DateSize
Nomad RFID Reader Setup Guide  Nomad RFID accessory installation and user guide. Aug 2012 14 MB
Nomad RFID Reader Design Guide  Nomad RFID application developer design guide. Aug 2012 132 kB
RFID Tag Sample Kit Reference Guide  Description of tags included in Nomad tag sample kit. July 2012 100 kB


Open Source Software Statement

ThingMagic products may contain open source software. More information may be found here or by contacting Support.