Support Overview

ThingMagic, Inc. is committed to providing fast and effective support to its customers and partners. This includes providing support for ThingMagic fixed and embedded RFID hardware systems and online access to firmware upgrades, documentation and Frequently Asked Questions

If you purchased your ThingMagic RFID product directly from ThingMagic, Inc., you need to request an account for our support portal. Once you have an account, you can open a support case. If you bought your ThingMagic RFID product from a 3rd party you will need to contact the company you purchased the product from to obtain technical support.


Leading the RFID Industry

"ThingMagic is distinguished by being committed to the RFID industry and easing adoption, and is forward thinking, like Lexmark, working now to be where we want five years from now. We select partners like ThingMagic because they have staying power."

-- Rick Kallop, Lexmark