ThingMagic, Inc. is committed to providing fast and effective support to its customers and partners. This includes providing support for ThingMagic fixed and embedded RFID hardware systems and online access to firmware upgrades, documentation and Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an active customer who has purchased one or more ThingMagic RFID products directly from ThingMagic, Inc., or from Digikey, in the last year, you can open a support case by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are not an active customer, please use the documentation provided under "Manuals-Firmware" or the application notes under the "Resources" heading or use our Discussion Forum to pose questions to the ThingMagic community.

If you bought your ThingMagic RFID product from a 3rd party you will need to contact the company you purchased the product from to obtain technical support. Ordering, delivery, and product return issues for products purchased from 3rd parties, including Digikey, will be handled by that third party.


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ThingMagic Support Policy

ThingMagic Support Policy, 2016RevC August 2016 152 kB

EULA for Modules

End-User License Agreement for Embedded Products Oct 2016 127 kB

EULA for Readers

End-User License Agreement for Finished Readers Oct 2016 129 kB